Hotel Accommodation

Recommended Hotels (On Campus)

Recommended Hotels (Off Campus)

Price (Based on actual price): 15% Off; Self booking

Price (Group Rate): CNY 600 (Business Room); Including Breakfast

These hotels are located outside the Siming-campus, a 10-15 min's walk from the Conference Hall. Please wear your Conference Namecards when entering into the campus.

Price: CNY 650; Including Breakfast 

Price: CNY 480 (Deluxe Room); Including Breakfast

Price: CNY 390; Including Breakfast 

Price (Group Rate): CNY 260; Including Breakfast 

Price (Group Rate): CNY 350 (Deluxe Room); Including Breakfast

Price (Group Rate): CNY 390; Including Breakfast; Self booking; Tel:0592-2072222-0

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