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   The Phosphor Safari (International Symposium on Luminescent Materials) was firstly established by Prof. Kenji Toda, Prof. Hajime Yamamoto, and Prof. Dae Ho Yoon in 2009 with the aim of promoting discussion and interaction between young researchers and leading scientists related to the phosphor field. In the past 10 years, the Phosphor Safari have been successfully held in Niigata (2009, 2011, 2015), Suwon (2010), Hsinchu (2012), Jeju (2013), Kunming (2014), Hong Kong (2016), Gdańsk (2017), Seoul (2018), and greatly advanced the development of science, technology, and industry of phosphors.

    In 2019, the honor for hosting this great event is passed to Xiamen, a beautiful costal city with historical accumulation and modern landscape in the southeast of China. The organizing committee of the Phosphor Safari 2019 cordially invite the colleagues and friends from both academics and industries to attend the symposium in Xiamen, 14-17th November, 2019.


The topics of Phosphor Safari 2019 include but not limited to:

A. Rare earths, transition metals, and main group elements activated phosphors

B. Nanoscale optical materials

C. Hybrid and organic optical materials

D. Luminescent materials for solid-state lighting, displays, scintillators, and lasers

E. Luminescent materials for bio-sensing, bio-medical, and environmental applications

F. Advanced synthetic approaches for optical materials

G. Experimental methods for characterizing optical materials

H. Theory and modeling related to optical materials


 Conference Announcement  

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